Hastings resident, John Benwell can’t talk highly enough of the personal and holistic care he received at The Bays Dialysis Unit for kidney failure, before receiving a kidney transplant in March.

John had spent many hours driving to and from dialysis units in Rosebud and Sandringham before starting treatment at The Bays, which is in the same street as his home, two years ago.

“Sometimes I couldn’t drive because I had vasculitis, so it was great being able to just walk to dialysis treatment, especially since it’s required three times a week,” John explained.

“The dialysis nurses at The Bays are angels! They are so experienced and attentive in their care, and probably saved my life on more than one occasion by calling an ambulance and transferring me to hospital when I didn’t look right! They didn’t take any chances with my health and looked after me so well.”

“They are so busy in there but made time to get to know me and really took an interest in my life. They also advocated for me and supported me as I lost weight to become eligible for transplant surgery before the cut-off age of 70.”

“I want to thank the nurses but I can’t possibly express the thanks I feel, so that’s why I’m sharing my story. I really recommend The Bays Dialysis Unit to anyone needing treatment.”

John will need to be monitored for a few more months following the transplant, but is looking forward to no longer needing to attend hospitals or dialysis treatment. He hopes to travel to England solo in 6 months to visit all the beautiful old cathedrals, as he was an organist in his youth.

Thank you John for choosing The Bays, and we wish you well for wherever life takes you next!