Privacy policy

The privacy of your information

What information do we collect?

When you are admitted to The Bays Hospital or Aged Care we collect information about you in order to ensure that you receive the very best care and treatment.

Your personal details and medical history help us to provide the health professionals involved in your care with accurate and current information.

We are also obligated to collect information to comply with our reporting requirements. On admission you will need to complete a patient registration form. That information is then entered into our computer system.

During your stay doctors, nurses and other health professionals will keep notes about your condition, social circumstances and the treatments you are given. This information is also stored electronically.

If you are admitted to The Bays Aged Care we will also collect information about your financial position. We do that to help us calculate accommodation fees and the bond.

On admission you will be asked to provide your consent to the collection and use of this personal and health information.

The Bays Healthcare Group will not use your information for the secondary purpose of fundraising or promotion of community health initiatives unless you have consented to receiving communications.

Who do we give your information to?

A number of organisations may require us to provide them with your information. This can be by law, or by request. A complete list of these organisations is provided to you when you sign the admission form.

These organisations may include:

  • your health fund
  • government departments (federal and state)
  • the Private Hospitals’ Data Bureau
  • doctors and health professionals involved in your care
  • courts of law or the police.

In order to pay for your treatment your health fund, the Australian Government Department of Aged Care, or another party may need to be supplied with information about your stay with us. This information identifies you, your date of birth, your Medicare and/or health fund number.

Both state and federal health departments require us to provide coded information about certain notifiable diseases (like Tuberculosis). This information is in the interests of public health and it remains strictly confidential.

Doctors and other health professionals involved in your care may request information about your hospitalisation in order to continue to look after you once you are discharged. Your consent is required to disclose this information, except in the case of an emergency.

If you are transferred to another hospital or health care provider a summary of your admission and care record will travel with you.

Your health information can be subpoenaed by a court of law, or be subject to a search warrant by the police. In these instances we must comply with their requests.

How is information supplied?

In some cases your information will be supplied in a coded format which does not identify you, but provides useful statistical information only. In other instances you may be clearly identified if that is required.

Accessing your information

To request access to a patient record, you will need to submit an application form.

We will:

  • confirm that we have received your request
  • review it within the legislative framework
  • advise you of any costs associated with providing it (like photocopying or postage)
  • advise you of the date the information will be available.

If your request cannot be fulfilled we will advise you and explain the reasons why.

As a courtesy we advise the doctors involved in your care and treatment that you have made a request for your information. You may specify that we do not advise them.

There are no costs for us to supply your health information directly to another health care provider.

If you would like us to amend information we hold about you we will do this in consultation with the person who originally recorded the information.

Parents, guardians or those with Enduring Power of Attorney can also request your information.

Information security

Our computer systems at The Bays have multi-level password access. Users are only able to access information they require to perform their duties. Our systems are backed-up daily.

Medical records are securely stored at all times and access is restricted to a limited number of staff.

All our staff receive training about patient and resident information, privacy and confidentiality. Every effort is made to ensure that discussions about your care are kept confidential and conducted in a private area if possible.

The Bays adopts the Australian Privacy Principles and Health Privacy Principles as the basis of our health information privacy policy. You can request a more detailed version of this privacy policy by emailing

For more information

If you have any issues or concerns about the privacy of your information, please phone our Privacy Officer on 03 5975 2009.

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