Having your baby with us


Our new maternity unit opened in 2017. All of our maternity rooms are private, modern and spacious.

Each room has:

  • a private ensuite bathroom with a baby bath
  • a television
  • refrigerator
  • dining table
  • daybed
  • telephone
  • access to wireless internet

Most of our maternity rooms have double beds and partners are encouraged to stay in hospital for the opportunity to support, learn and help with your new baby.

We provide a private and supportive environment for you to bond with your baby during your transition to parenthood.


We have a great reputation for serving delicious, fresh food.

Our chefs work closely with our dietitian to create healthy, nutritious meals which are made fresh on-site daily.

We provide patients with a variety of specialty menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can order from our a la carte room service dining menu at any time. You can also order and purchase meals for your partner for a small fee.

Our maternity unit also has a gourmet, self-service pantry for mothers with food, snacks and refreshments available at any time. Our hospital café is located on the ground floor and is open during business hours for visitors.

Please advise us of any special dietary requirements you have at the time of booking.

Birthing suites

Our three fully refurbished birthing suites are very spacious and provide a private, relaxed environment for your baby’s birth.

Each suite has a private ensuite with a full-sized bath and shower. For peace of mind and safety, we have medical equipment on hand and our operating theatre facilities, anaesthetists and paediatricians available on-call.

Our midwives will discuss our facilities, the options available to you and will provide you with advice and support to help you make your own birthing choices.

Special care nursery

Your baby will stay with you from birth unless they require extra monitoring in our special care nursery

Our special care nursery cares for babies who are premature, unwell or have more complex care needs. Our nursery is a state-of-the-art medical facility providing the very best care for our littlest patients.

We have the latest technology and equipment available with four cots and an emergency treatment room. The nursery is located within the maternity unit, so you are close by if your baby requires care in the nursery during your stay.

Your stay

Your stay in hospital will normally be four nights. During your stay we offer you education and support with:

  • feeding your baby
  • parenting skills including nappy changing, bathing, swaddling and settling
  • taking your baby home, and
  • community resources available

Prenatal education and post-natal support

Our prenatal education program is conducted by our midwives at the hospital and is designed to help you and your partner prepare for your baby’s arrival. It covers labour, birth, breastfeeding and baby care once you take your baby home.

You will be given details about this program and class dates when you make your hospital booking.

Breastfeeding consultations and support

During your stay, our midwives and lactation consultants will provide support and assistance with feeding your baby. They are available for continued support after your hospital stay and within the first six weeks of having your baby.

24-hour support helpline

Our midwives are available to talk to you anytime 24 hours a day, simply call our maternity unit on 03 5976 5262.

Birth Beat online childbirth classes

We have partnered with Birth Beat to offer you access to online childbirth classes, at an additional cost. You can access Birth Beat classes at any time from the comfort of your own home. The classes are delivered by a registered midwife with over 15 years of experience.

Birth Beat takes you and your partner/ support person from feeling fearful and nervous to feeling confident and excited for birth and meeting your baby at The Bays.

Find out more about Birth Beat classes.