Paediatric care

The Bays provides excellent neonatal care in our specialist nursery and we regularly perform paediatric surgery and care for children.

Neonatal care

The Bays has an award-winning maternity service which involves the delivery and post-delivery care of newborn babies. Our special care nursery is a state of the art facility featuring the latest equipment and technology. Our team of qualified midwives and paediatricians care for babies in our nursery. Many of our paediatricians are based at The Bays and we always have a paediatrician on-call to attend the nursery 24-hours a day.

Paediatric surgery

We care for many children who have surgery at The Bays. Our surgeons regularly perform:

  • tonsillectomy
  • grommets
  • adenoidectomy
  • oral surgery and tooth removal
  • orthopaedic surgery for broken bones or dislocations
  • minor plastic surgery

Some of these procedures only require a day surgery visit. These patients are cared for in our Day Surgery Unit and then discharged to go home.

Children required to stay in hospital overnight after surgery are cared for in a private room on our surgical ward.  A parent or carer must stay with a child at all times during their stay.

We encourage parents and carers to be involved in the child’s care (including washing, feeding and entertaining them). This helps minimise their distress at being in a strange place. One person is allowed to stay overnight with a child patient. A recliner will be provided in the room.