Referrals and admissions

Admission to hospital

Please contact the Hospital Supervisor (24 hours) to arrange admission under the care of an accredited specialist. Phone 03 5976 5251


Direct Endoscopy Service

Phone 03 5976 5263 (business hours only)

If you are a GP or medical specialist and would like referral forms for our Direct Endoscopy Service, please contact us.

All patients booking Direct Access Endoscopy at The Bays must be referred by their GP. The hospital will not make a direct patient booking unless a copy of the referral has been received. On receipt of referral, we will contact the patient directly to arrange a booking date.

The patient will not require a pre-procedure consultation unless the treating gastroenterologist has clinical concerns and requests a consultation. The referral will be reviewed by the treating gastroenterologist after booking has been made. The gastroenterologist will then contact the patient if a pre-procedure consultation is necessary.

The hospital will provide the patient with an estimate of hospital related charges prior to admission. Specialist and anaesthetic costs will be provided directly by the gastroenterologist’s practice.

There are some criteria for patient referral. Your patient must:

  • be under 80 years of age
  • not be a diabetic
  • not be taking anticoagulant therapy (aspirin is acceptable)
  • not had previous adverse reaction to general anaesthetic
  • not have a clinical cardiac history
  • not have a respiratory condition
Hospital pre-admission

Hours: 10.00am to 5.30pm, Monday–Friday
Phone: 03 5976 5210
Fax: 03 5970 5335

Download the referral form

The Bays’ pre-admission clinic is a nurse-led service for all elective surgical patients. Patients are interviewed in person and by phone. This pre-admission service provides:

  • comprehensive assessment
  • education and support to patients, families and carers and
  • facilitates an effective and efficient process for everyone involved.

Referrals to our pre-admission clinic are available for any surgical patient that our surgeons feel will benefit. And to ensure a thorough and informative hospital experience, we recommend that the following patients are always referred:

  • joint replacements
  • anterior/posterior repair
  • laminectomies
  • abdominoplastys
  • bowel surgery
  • large plastic surgeries
  • prostatectomy
  • lap cholecystectomy
  • nephrectomy
  • complex hernia surgery
  • TURP (initial TURP surgery)
  • patients requiring rehab post-D/C
  • hysterectomy
  • any surgery duration of 2 hours or longer

We ask that pacemaker patients have a pacemaker information request sent to their cardiologist by the surgeons’ rooms. Please provide us with a copy of their response, especially in regard to anti-coagulant therapy.

Aged care placement

The Bays provides respite and permanent residential aged care at our home in Hastings, Victoria. A ‘Level of Care’ is required before we are able to book respite care or commence a permanent residential care offer. Please contact our aged care team if you have any questions about placement.

Phone  03 5979 0333