Volunteer positions

The Bays is currently seeking volunteers for the following programs:

Aged Care home in Hastings

We are currently seeking volunteers to provide support at our aged care home in Hastings, including:

  • starting up a men’s social support group for our residents
  • maintaining our new garden, which brings great joy to our residents
  • helping residents participate in lifestyle and diversional therapies such as craft and leisure activities
  • providing one-on-one companionship for residents, reading to residents, board and card games, iPad games, and armchair travel
  • general administration support
  • staffing our Cafe and Kiosk

A few hours a week can make such a difference to the residents, and you will be surprised at the difference it will make to your life.

Day Surgery patient companionship

You will provide one-on-one companionship to patients recovering in our wards and Day Surgery Unit, and assist staff when required.


Our concierge service volunteers help people find their way around the hospital and assist patients in the waiting rooms.

Gift shop

Our gift shop retail assistants sell items and homemade knitwear to raise funds for The Bays.


Our gardening volunteers help us create and maintain comfortable and pleasing gardens for our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers to enjoy. It includes light duties such as planting, weeding and general maintenance of the grounds.

Community ambassadors

Our community ambassadors are part of the team that helps with fundraising, events or promotional activities.

Focus group participation

In this role you will be a part of our connection to the community. Help us by giving your feedback on organisational, health or consumer issues, and participate in general surveys or questionnaires.