Support services


Hearing assessment and hearing aid management is provided for our aged care residents on-site in Hastings by reputable providers such as Australian Hearing Service or Nepean Hearing. Regular visits are arranged or appointments are made as required.

Cancer support

The Bays offers cancer support services through the cancer journey.

Dental care

Dental care is provided for our aged care residents by Domiciliary Service (from The Royal Dental Hospital). Alternatively residents may choose to use an dental provider of their choice. Appointments are made as required. 

Diabetes educator

Our diabetes educator regularly visits our diabetic patients and residents in hospital and aged care. Visits are arranged as required.

Reviews are arranged for newly diagnosed diabetic inpatients to assist with understanding diabetes, how to monitor their glucose levels, how to administer medication, dietary information and best managing their overall health and well-being.

Our diabetes educator provides an outpatient clinic service for our antenatal midwifery patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  

Our clinical team will arrange diabetic education and appointments for patients and residents as necessary.


Our dietitian regularly visits the hospital to see inpatients who have been referred by their specialist for review.

Often patients with diabetes, high cholesterol or weight issues are reviewed by the dietitian during their stay in hospital. The dietitian is often involved with patients who have poor appetite, loss of weight, malnutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Our dietitian also provides nutritional assessment and education when a change of diet is required due to surgery or medical condition.

Our maternity patients who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes are often referred to visit our dietitian in the outpatient clinic to assist them with managing their blood glucose levels.

Our aged care clinical team refer residents to the visiting dietitian when they feel a review will benefit the resident’s wellbeing.

The Bays Health & Wellbeing Program

The Bays Healthcare Group supports a range of health & wellbeing events and initiatives to enhance local community life.
The Bays and a team of local experts have come together to encourage local residents to retain or regain their health and wellbeing. The Bays Health and Wellbeing Program aims to improve people’s health by addressing the underlying causes of health problems. Dedicated to improving healthcare in our local community, all sessions are offered free of charge.

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Physiotherapists regularly visit our sites in Mornington and Hastings to provide treatment for our patients and residents. If you require physiotherapy treatment during your stay with us in hospital, your treating specialist will refer you to a physiotherapist.

  • Beleura Health Solutions provide an in-hospital physiotherapy service to The Bays. 
  • Physio Connect provide a physiotherapy service for our aged care residents (available Monday to Friday 8.00am–5.00pm).

Visiting physiotherapists and occupational therapist manage mobility, transfer assessments and lead our pain management program. They work with us to tailor physiotherapy programs that meet the individual needs of patients and residents.

Podiatry services

Podiatry services are regularly scheduled for our aged care residents.  

Speech pathology

Speech pathology assessment and therapy can be arranged for patients and residents. The clinical management team and/or treating doctor will refer for speech therapy review if required.

Dr Jill Lesic & Associates regularly provide speech therapy services for our aged care residents. 

Wound management

In consultation with your doctor or surgeon, our nursing team take care of any wound management or dressing applications required for patients or residents in our care. However, sometimes wounds require more specialised care and a wound management nurse is required to review and advise our nursing team.

A wound management service for our aged care residents is provided by the local Residential Outreach (ROSS) team.