Corporate program

Ways you can partner with us

Corporate partnerships with The Bays are individually and uniquely designed to be mutually beneficial, helping your organisation achieve your marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives and helping us to provide the best possible healthcare to the Mornington Peninsula community. This may include:

There are many ways that you can support The Bays Healthcare Group:

Corporate partnerships (sponsorships) – both financial and in-kind (pro bono)

Traditional sponsorship of a program of The Bays, service or fundraising event, through a cash lump-sum payment or an in-kind donation to offset costs, entitles your organisation to leverage our intellectual property and activate commercial opportunities.

Sponsorship can increase awareness, build your brand credibility and engage customers or other stakeholders. The Bays is a well recognised and highly respected local charity that has an established 80-year history of serving the Mornington Peninsula community. We will work closely with you and your organisation to develop individual partnership packages and tailor the sponsorship to meeting your marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives.

In-kind and any other pro-bono support can be valuable contributions to our fundraising efforts. When this support enables us to offset a budgeted expense it has real cash-saving benefits, enabling us to direct a greater percentage of funds towards providing exceptional patient care.

Event sponsorship

Our events provide your organisation with the opportunity to promote your brand and engage your team and clients. We have a number of events throughout the year including Member events and Health & Wellbeing sessions that provide an opportunity to be an event sponsor and to market your business to the local community. 

Workplace giving and matched giving

Workplace giving enables employees to give directly to The Bays through automated payroll deductions. It’s one of the simplest, most tax-efficient and cost-effective ways to donate. Corporate organisations can engage and motivate staff by providing an integrated staff engagement program, including matching workplace giving funds donated by employees.

An organisation can experience the following benefits when they are engaged in workplace giving;

  • Increased staff morale
  • Increased staff retention
  • Promote visible interaction with the community
  • Promote a positive perception of your business, and support the choice of your employees.

Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing (CRM) is when a company with a product, image, or service in the market builds a partnership with a non-profit organisation or charity for mutual benefit. Linking a brand or product to The Bays can help boost sales, increase customer loyalty or help attract new customers.

Corporate donations

A corporate donation is a simple (and tax-deductible) donation to The Bays, done without any commercial benefit being derived. Making a corporate donation demonstrates your commitment to healthcare on the Mornington Peninsula.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Tucker, Philanthropy & Donor Relations Manager on call 03 5970 5339 or email