Parents Stephanie and Luke Genoni recently honoured the births of their two children by purchasing a leaf on our beautiful Giving Tree art installation, located in our Maternity Ward.

They were so pleased with their birth experience at The Bays that they decided to give back to the hospital and enhance it for future generations of local babies.

Their daughter Milla was born at The Bays in 2021, delivered with the help of our midwife Heidi, and Louie arrived in 2023 with the help of midwife Lisa (pictured with the happy family).

“The midwives were just amazing and the food was as good as a 5-star hotel. We share our Bays experience with all our friends who are looking to have children and recommend,” said Stephanie.

Having a baby is a beautiful and extraordinary event for everyone involved, and we are very proud to have been a part of it with you Stephanie and Luke.

Your children are now among generations of local babies born at The Bays since we first opened in 1937, which is definitely worth celebrating.

We’ve just made it even easier to purchase a Giving Tree leaf with our new online form.

If you’d also like to commemorate the birth of your Bays baby or babies, find out more about purchasing a leaf on our Giving Tree.