Current appeal – Intensive Care Unit

We need your help – your generosity will transform our treatment for the most critically ill patients in our community

Our six-bed Intensive Care Unit has been designed with patients and their families at its core. It offers the comfort and privacy families need and deserve during what can be an emotional and distressing time.

Our purpose-built, six bed Intensive Care Unit has become the heart of our hospital, providing complex, multi-system life support, mechanical ventilation, extracorporeal renal support (dialysis) services and invasive cardiovascular monitoring.

For patients this means spacious single rooms complete with glass privacy screens, a quiet facility with plenty of natural light and state-of-the-art equipment and technology on hand to ensure they receive the very best of care. The design of the Unit gives staff a clear line of sight from staff base to patient rooms and a break-out area within the Unit to rejuvenate in between and during shifts.

Families with loved ones in intensive care can often find the experience overwhelming and having to spend long periods of time at hospitals can be draining, access to family area with kitchenette and seating are a welcomed addition. Families now do not need to travel as far to visit their loved ones in hospital and can rest easy knowing that there are more extensive intensive care services available at their local hospital.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation prior to 30 June to help us purchase additional life-saving equipment for our purpose built, six bed Intensive Care Unit.

Our purpose-built Intensive Care Unit is world-class. It provides patients, like Brett, with significant health risks and complications, access to excellent intensive care treatment close to home and family.

Brett is one of the 365 patients who received care in our interim Intensive Care Unit since it opened in March 2018. Brett had been suffering with abdominal pains since his treatment for bowel cancer three years earlier. Following his surgeon’s consultation, he discovered he would need further surgery to repair the cause of his pain; damage from previous surgeries.

Classified as a high-risk patient with a complex medical history, his surgeon elected our Intensive Care Unit to support the high level of care, specialised equipment and medications he would require.

Overseeing his care was Dr. Ashwin Subramaniam who, with the help of the Intensive Care doctors and nurses, stayed with him post-surgery around the clock, to ensure that Brett’s heart; blood pressure and breathing remained stable.

Over the next few weeks Brett was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit a further two times when his condition deteriorated. The team were there 24/7 to provide the expert care and close monitoring that his condition required, providing the expert services, technology and compassion that the team at The Bays are renowned for.

As a Mornington local, Brett was very grateful to come directly to The Bays, confident of receiving excellent intensive care treatment, close to home and family.

“Over the last three years, I have been cared for by The Bays. The support and compassion shown by nursing staff and doctors was amazing. When you are in ICU they really care. They made sure I was always comfortable and kept a watchful eye on me at all times. Thanks to their staff, l am back to myself again”. Brett Minister

Please consider making a tax deductible donation that will help us equip our Intensive Care Unit with the very latest, most advanced equipment.

To save lives we need the help of our community to fund the following items to care for our most critically unwell patients:

  • A machine that can warm and cool patients, too unwell to control their own temperature.
  • A machine to insert breathing tubes when patients are required to go onto life support.
  • A blood analyser to provide us with instant blood test results.
  • Recliner chairs to be able to support patients to sit out of bed.
  • A machine that allows us to determine bladder volume.
  • A spine board to protect this area after surgery.

With technology rapidly changing, we urgently ask your assistance to ensure our patients have access to the most clinically advanced and safest equipment and technology. These advances, combined with the need to continually upgrade and invest in our facilities is costly and is the reason why we ask community to support our services.

Five months on, Brett has had the final part of his abdominal surgery successfully completed at The Bays Hospital and is back doing what he loves. He is only too aware of what is required to care for intensive care patients and what is required for a not-for-profit hospital to be able to provide such equipment.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation. The impact you can make with your generosity will transform the way we can treat the community at their greatest time of need.

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