Surgical and high dependency units

Every effort is made to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The surgical unit is made up of 30 beds in spacious private rooms with ensuites. Each room has a telephone, remote-control television, an in-house video channel and access to wireless internet. Delicious, nutritionally balanced meals are prepared daily by our chef and catering staff onsite and delivered to our patient rooms.

Our high dependency unit is for patients who require 24-hour monitoring. Occasionally patients are admitted to the high dependency unit for their post-surgery recovery and then transferred to a private room once their surgeon feels they have recovered adequately. The high dependency unit has four beds in a shared room with curtains around each bed for privacy. Our nursing staff have a clear view of all patients for monitoring. The high dependency unit has a shared bathroom for patients who are able to use it.

The high dependency unit is attended overnight by a registered nurse with a career medical officer onsite overnight most weeknights. There is 24-hour back up of admitting specialists, operating theatres, radiology, pharmacy and pathology services.

The surgical and high dependency units are located in the Coolart Ward on the ground floor of the hospital. Patients having minor surgical procedures, requiring only a local or light anaesthetic, may be admitted to the day surgery unit and discharged the same day.

The majority of our patients being admitted for surgery will be directed by our hospital reception staff to our Surgical Admissions Unit on the ground floor of the hospital. Here you will be admitted to the hospital by one of our receptionists and our nurses will check your medical history and ensure your information is complete, correct and ready for your surgeon, anaesthetist, theatre and recovery staff. You may be taken by our nursing staff in to the operating theatre from our Surgical Admissions Unit and then to your room after a short period in our theatre recovery area after your surgery. Our staff will explain these details to you when you arrive.

We have close affiliations with nearby rehabilitation facilities if rehabilitation is required for your recovery after surgery.