Our brand new 6 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) opened in May 2019.

Our unit is staffed with a team of Intensivists, Fellows and highly skilled Nurses qualified in critical care. We are able to provide care for patients requiring continuous monitoring and intensive nursing care.

We are classified as a Level II mixed medical-surgical ICU capable of providing mechanical ventilation, renal replacement therapy and invasive cardiovascular monitoring.

ICU Environment

  • state of the art 6 bed unit
  • negative pressure isolation room
  • all single rooms with access to natural light
  • central workstation with a clear view to all beds
  • all areas designed for maximum oversight of patients at all times
  • family waiting room and kitchenette.

With our extended capabilities and highly skilled staff, we are seeing greater acuity than ever before and we are proud of the breadth of our clinical expertise and capabilities.

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