Joy Tibb is one of our many dynamic volunteers who bring an incredible spirit to our hospital, driven to contribute to the health and vitality of her community.

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation, and it’s their big-hearted contributions which help us maintain strong links with the community we serve.

Joy brings her big heart and big smile to all she spends time with. As an ongoing active member of the local community, including her Country Women’s Association membership, Joy never envisaged that she would have time to volunteer at The Bays Hospital as well. That changed when Joy lost her husband, and she began to look for different connections. “A friend of mine who works at the hospital mentioned that l would perhaps enjoy volunteering at The Bays, and the rest is history”, explains Joy.

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Joy is part of the Patient Companionship volunteer team at The Bays Hospital, offering company and conversation to patients receiving treatment through our day infusion service or who are recovering in our wards. “The patient’s l visit are such a delight and have the most interesting stories to tell. l love being able to chat and find a connection, whether it is through a shared passion for animals, reminiscing about the golden days or engaging in friendly footy rivalry.” “When I see a patient more than once, it’s a most welcome experience. I can assure you that l get the best feeling and l do believe that l make a difference”.

Countless patients will tell you that Joy DOES make a difference.

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We are always looking for volunteers like Joy to increase and expand our volunteer program. Our Volunteer Coordinator would love to share our opportunities with you on 03 5970 5308, or email