The Bays Hospital now has the most advanced shoulder replacement surgery technology in the world.

The Bays Hospital with Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr James Chiu, will be the first hospital in Victoria to use new world class technology for a shoulder replacement this week. Following the first case in Sydney last week.

This ground-breaking GPS navigational computer system enables insertion of shoulder implants with pinpoint accuracy.

A CT scan of the patients shoulder is downloaded onto the computer and a map of the surgery is created before the patient enters operating theatre.   Then the navigational tracking tools provide real-time guidance for the surgeon to insert the implant in place with perfection.

“The computer will assist me in maximising accuracy when placing the implant in the shoulder. It’s still me, the surgeon using my own hands to perform the surgery but the system will provide me with real-time guidance,” said Mr James Chiu.

“This equipment is not only saving time spent in the operating theatre. Getting the alignment perfect means the replacement implant should work better, function better and last longer.” said Mr Chiu.

It’s an advancement for shoulder surgery worldwide and to have The Bays participating in the first of its kind is fantastic for Mornington Peninsula residents. The best technology in the world is here.

For more information or a referral contact the consulting rooms:
Mr. James Chiu
328 Main Street Mornington
Phone: 03 9429 8866

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