Mr Brent Dennison

Brent has been CEO of the Cell Care group since March 2013, He has led the international expansion of the company, and Cell Care is now one of the top ten cord blood banks in the world. Cell Care has recently been acquired by CHAMP Private Equity. Previously Brent was involved in the launch of Mothercare in Australia and was CEO of that business until June 2012. Before that, he worked in Europe in the private equity industry for six years, focusing on growth opportunities and international expansion. Before moving to Italy, Brent was a director with Citigroup in New York investing in financial services businesses. Ahead of joining Citigroup, Brent led two entrepreneurial ventures; a UK-based software business and the launch of Turkey’s first management consulting practise in the late 1990s. Before his entrepreneurial pursuits, Brent was a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne and New York.