Current appeal

Help us purchase life-saving equipment for the new Maternity Unit at The Bays Hospital

The Bays Hospital has provided exceptional maternity services to women on the Mornington Peninsula for almost 80 years. Our experienced teams of midwives and mothercraft nurses provide the best possible care and support during the birth of nearly 500 babies each year.

With a fast-growing regional population, The Bays Hospital is expanding its midwifery services to cater for even more local mothers and their newborns.

Welcoming a baby is a very special event and we want to ensure mothers and their babies get off to the best possible start in life. Our new Maternity Unit will incorporate a Special Care Nursery and three delivery rooms. It will feature top quality facilities and be equipped with the most advanced equipment to provide the best quality care for mothers and their babies.

This is a totally community funded project. We need $800,000 worth of specialised maternity equipment.
We invite you to help us achieve this goal and make our Maternity Unit a reality.

Your support is so important in ensuring the women and babies at The Bays Hospital receive the very best care possible. Please help us equip our new Maternity Unit, incorporating a state-of-the-art Special Care Nursery with a range of specialist equipment like these:

Phototherapy Lights – Cost: $3,995

Phototherapy or light treatment is the process of using light to decrease jaundice levels in babies. Jaundice can occur when there is a build-up of naturally occurring bilirubin or the breakdown of red blood cells in the body. Small, portable phototherapy lights offer effective treatment of high bilirubin levels without separating mother and baby during treatment.

Neonatal Resuscitaire – Cost: $32,515

A small percentage of babies require support at birth to transition into newborn life. A neonatal resuscitaire provides a warm environment with oxygen and specific equipment to support medical intervention, should it be required. The unit is mobile, allowing close proximity to mum and dad.

Cardiotocograph Unit – Cost: $52,000

A cardiotocograph, commonly called a CTG, unit is used to monitor a baby’s heart rate while in utero. In pregnancy and during labour, heart rate information gained from CTG recordings provides real time observation of the baby’s well-being, allowing accurate assessment to manage birthing options.

Infant Incubator – Cost: $25,242

An incubator is a self-contained unit that provides a controlled heat, humidity and oxygen environment for the care of infants. It is made of clear plastic with large portholes for easy access by parents and caregivers.

Birthing Bed – Cost: $25,000

A safe and comfortable bed for expectant mothers which provides choice for optimal positioning and comfort during labour and birth. A birthing bed has many safety mechanisms built in, converting quickly to facilitate additional support during birth should it be required.

To support this important appeal please make call the Fundraising & Public Relations Manager on 03 5970 5339.