Minor trauma service

Patients must phone to speak with us prior to presenting to the hospital – phone: 03 5976 5208

It is important you contact us by phone before coming to our hospital. We must ensure that your injury and health status meet our criteria, and we will discuss the charges that will apply to your assessment and treatment. This provides us with an opportunity to prepare before you arrive, reducing your waiting time.

About the service

Our Minor Trauma Service provides streamlined access for people who need assessment and treatment for injuries including fractures, sprains, strains and lacerations. The service is provided at The Bays Hospital in Mornington by our Doctor and team of orthopaedic and plastic specialists.

The service is managed by a Doctor who will carry out an assessment and suitable treatment including suturing, cast application and dressings. They may refer you for diagnostic imaging and will liaise with our specialists regarding your injury and care.

A referral from your General Practitioner is not necessary. We encourage General Practitioners to use this service for patients who need access to a specialist or hospital treatment for these injuries. We will provide a report of our assessment and treatment to a referring or nominated General Practitioner.

Who is suitable for this service?

The Minor Trauma Service accepts patients who:

  • are aged between 2 and 80 years of age
  • have an injury of the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder and clavicle (injuries may include suspected fractures, soft tissue injuries, lacerations)

This service is not suitable for people who have:

  • multiple or distracting injuries, including head injury, loss of consciousness, or acute neck or back pain
  • injury associated with a fall >5 metres (or >2 metres if the person is a child <13 years of age or an adult >65 years of age).
  • injuries associated with a motorbike accident >30kph
  • injuries associated with a motor vehicle accident >60kph
  • injuries associated with a bicycle accident >30kph
  • a suspected femur injury

We will not accept people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Patients who have complex or multiple co-morbidities will be seen at our discretion.

At the time of your initial phone assessment, we will determine whether your injury and health condition is suitable for treatment by our service, and whether we are able to meet your needs.

Patient information

  • Please contact us by phone on 03 5976 5208 to make an appointment and discuss costs.
  • It is a good idea to have some analgesia, like paracetamol, prior to arriving if you are in pain.
  • On arrival, enter through our main hospital entrance via Vale Street.
  • At reception, you will be required to pay for your consultation.
  • If possible, please bring an up-to-date list of medications that you are currently taking (and any that you have stopped taking within the last two weeks), Medicare card, private health insurance details, Veteran Affairs card and Pension card.
  • Have someone accompany you to your appointment as you may not be able to drive home afterwards.
  • While you are waiting, please do not have anything to eat or drink (this may delay any surgery, if you require it).
  • The Minor Trauma Service is managed by our Doctor who will refer you for any diagnostic imaging and will liaise with our orthopaedic and plastic specialists about your injury and care.
  • Please inform our staff if you require a certificate for work or school.


  • You will be advised of the cost of this service when you phone to make an appointment.
  • There will be an initial consultation fee which will include a detailed history, a clinical examination, referral for any necessary diagnostic investigations, management of the injury (including cast application, suturing, dressings), liaison with a relevant specialist and hospital admission arrangements if required.
  • Some of these costs may be claimed through Medicare.
  • Additional costs may include medical imaging and treatment or surgical costs carried out by a specialist.
  • If you require surgery our hospital staff will discuss hospital-related out-of-pocket costs at the time of your hospital booking.
  • If you require an ambulance to transfer you to another healthcare provider, additional charges will apply. Your ambulance insurance may cover these. Please check the details of your ambulance cover with your provider.